• A Good source of fiber, vitamin C, and niacin
  • Rich in plant chemicals

The world pomegranate is old Fresh for "seeded apple," a fitting name for this apple sized fruit filled with jewel-like clusters of red seeds, There ae many types of pomegranates cultivated around the world, One of the most popular in Nothe America is called Wonderful. It is perhaps the best pomegranate for juicing, The fruit is available form fallto early winter.

Pomegranates have a leathery, deep red to purplish rind, The interior is bursting with hundred of tiny, edible seeds packed into compartments called arils and separated by bitter, cream-colored membranes, The fruit can be eaten out of hand by deeply scoring vertically and then breaking it apart,. The clusters of juice sacs are then lifted out and eaten.

Pomegranae fruits are most often consumed as jice and can be jiced in serval ways, The sacs can be removed and put through a basket press or the juice can be extracted by reaming the halved fruits on  and ordinary juice squeezer.