• A useful source of vitamin C and potassium.


  • May cause allergic reactions in susceptible people

Whether they are eaten whole, added to fruit salads, baked goods, compotes, puddings, or meat dishes, or made into butters, jams, purees, or sauces, plums are a nutritious low-calorie food. One medium-size fresh plum contains only 36 calories and is agood source of such dietary fibers as cellulose and pectin, It aslo uspplies useful amounts of serveal nutrients, including 6 mg of vitamin C and 113 mg of potassium. Canned plums contains comparable amounts of riboflavin and potassium but ae sugnificantly lower in vitamin  C ( one canned plum provides onlyu 1 mg) . Fruits canned in heavy syrup are higher in calories than  fresh for example, one cannded plum packed in a sugary syrup yields 60 calories. In their dried from some plums become prunes, which are a more concentrated source of calories and nutrients.