• The green tops are a good source of vitamin C and beta carotene.
  • May lower elevated blood cholesterol,
  • Reduce the ability of the blood to clot.
  • May help lowe blood pressure,
  • Mild antibacterial effect may help prevent superficial infections.
  • Sulfur compounds block carcinogens,.


  • Low in most nutrients.
  • Can cause bloating and gassiness.
  • Raw onions produce unpleasant breath and skin odors.


Cooks value onions more for the flavor they impart to other foods than for their nutritional content. Although onions ar not high on the nutritional scale, the green tips of spring onions ar good source  of vitamin C and beta carotene, A cup of boiled onions provides about 225 mg of potassium,

Recent research has verified some of the centuries-old beliefs about onions. For example, folk healers have long recommeneded onions as a heart tonic; researchers have now documented that adenosine, a substance in onions, hinders clot formation, which may help prevent heart attacks, Studies also indicate that onions may protect against the artery-clogging damage of cholesterol by raising the levels of the protective high-density lipoproteins (HDLs) . Still other studies suggest that eating ample amounts of onions may help prevent high blood pressure.

BETTER RAW THAN COOKED Cooking onions at a high heat significantly reduces the benfits or dially sulfied, their cancer-protective phytochemicals., Fresh raw onion offers the most health benefits, and mincing (or even chewing) the onion helps ot release its phytochemicals power.