AMLA ( Scientific Name Gooseberries)

AMLA ( Scientific Name Gooseberries)


  • A Good source of vitamin C, potassium, and bioflavonoids.
  • Fair amounts of iron and vitamin A.
  • High in fiber, low in calories.


  • Their tartness is usually offset with large amounts of addes sugar.
  • Gooseberry bushes harbor a fungus that kills some types of pine trees.

Gooseberries have many nutritional benefits. They are high in fiber ( about 4 g in a cup of raw berries), vitamin C ( 50 mg per fresh cup ), and potassium ( 250 mg per cup). They  are also rich in bioflavonoids--plant pigments that help prevent cancer and other diseases. Some of these nutrients are lost in processing; a cup of canned goosseberries loses more than half of its vitamin C, as well as some potassium. The canned berries are also high in calories, yielding 180 calories per cup, compared to 65 for the fresh fruit.