• Low in calories ( unless cooked in fat)
  • Meaty flavor and texture leands itself to vegetarian dishes.


  • Soak up fat durin cooking
  • Provide minimal nutrients

Eggplants provide very little nutrition, but ae among our most versatile vegetables and a component of many popular ethnic dishes, including Indian curries, Greek moussakas, Middle Eastern baba ghanoush, and French ratrouille. Eggplants e filling, yet low in calories--a cup has 40 calories, Eggplants' spongy texture, howevery, soaks up fat, Deep-fried eggplants soak up four times s much fat s French fried potatoes, 

The tastiest eggplants re firm, with thin skins and a mild flavor. Larer ones ae more likely to be seedy, touch, and bitter, Their skins, range in color from deep purple to ligght violet and white.