• Can elevate moods in some people.
  • Like other plant foods, it contains various antioxidants.
  • It tastes great


  • High in calories and fat.
  • May trigger migraine  headaches.

COMPONENTS :  Chocolate is not a great source of nutrients, but there is no harm in eating a limited amount of chocolate, especially the dark variety.

         An counce (30g) of solid chocolate contains about 150 calories and 2 or 3 g of protein. The original bean has sinificant amounts of vitamin E and B vitamins, These nutrients, however, are so diluted as to be neggligible in modern processed chocolate. Sweet or semisweet chocolate contains between 40 and 53 percent fat, or cocon butter. Both chocolate and coon powder supply chromium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium, but fat and calories make chocolate an inappropriate sourece of these minerals except when used in emergency rations.