• High in protein and calcium.
  • A Good source of vitamin B-12
  • Cheddar and other aged cheeses may fight tooth decay.


  • Most are high in saturated fat and sodium. 
  • Some may trigger miggraines or allergic reactions in susceptible people.

EAT IN MODERATION  :  Cheese is rich in calcium and pretein, making it a staple for vegetarians, But it's also high in fat, cholesterol, and sodium. Most people especially those with a weight or cholesterol problem--should use it moderately, as an occasional treat or ggarnish rather than as a staple food.

HEALTH HAZARDS :  Doctors often advise patients with heart disease, elevated blood cholesterol, or high blood pressure to reduce the amount of cheese they cosume. Because most cheese is high in cholesterol and its fat is highly saturated, it increases the risk of atherosclerosis, the clogging of arteries with fatty deposits. And the sodium it contains can be a hazard for people with high blood pressure.