A P P L E  


  • Low in calories and high in soluble fiber that helps lower Cholesterol.
  • Packed with numerous phytochemicals such as quercetin that many help prevent heart disease and cancer.
  • Apples enhance dental hygiene.


  • Relatively low in nutrients.
  • Skin may contain pesticide residues.

A  fresh apple is an ideal snack. It's easy to carry. flavorful, filling, and low in calories ; a 5-oz (140-g) piece of fruit has only 90 calories. Apples can be eaten fresh or cooked in myriad ways-baked into pies, crisps, and tarts; added to poultry stuffing; and made into jelly, apple butter, and sauce, Apple cider vinear is an ingredient in many salad dressings. Pasteurized apple juice and fresh-pressed cider are popular drinks, while fermented apple cider, wine and brandy are gaining in popularity..